Hope at Last

Lee was reared in a Christian home and came to Christ when he was 16, but when he moved out, he ran from his faith. “I started drinking, smoking weed, snorting cocaine, and doing LSD,” he says. “I used for nearly 20 years.”

Then Lee got clean, started a family, and stayed home to rear his children. But, after 13 years of marriage, his wife kicked him out, and he found himself homeless. It was then he first turned to the Mission for help. “I had a place to stay, three meals a day, classes, and work to do,” he says. “I was so grateful.” “I withdrew from society into my own little world.”

Lee graduated from our Christian Discipleship Program, got a job, and moved into his own place. All seemed to be running smoothly for a couple of years, until he had an emotional breakdown. “I went off the deep end,” he says.

Lee couldn’t afford his own place anymore, so he came back to the Mission, completed the program, and interned at our front desk. Then he joined our staff and worked here for seven years! But two days after taking early retirement and cashing his first social security check, he had a stroke. “When I walked out of the hospital, I didn’t have anywhere to go and I walked right back into the Mission.”

Lee, who is now in Phase Two of our program, has finally addressed some issues he was running from all his life. “I’m more willing to admit and accept my faults and the things I need to change,” he says.

Through homelessness, an emotional breakdown, and physical illness, we’ve been there for Lee. “The Mission provides stable ground to stand on, a stable place to live, and time to work out your problems so you can have a better life,” he says. “I’m finally becoming the shining light God wants me to be.”

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